Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Synergic Banquet

Desde las 20:00 hasta 22:30 el 20/10/2022
Nave 16

Starting from the conception of the planet as an interdependent metabolic system, the FONDO collective considers cooking a global operation, and food consumption a terraforming process. What does this mean aesthetically? The Synergic Banquet will try to materialise some of these ideas through a performative installation, which at the same time gathers ideas and reflections worked on during the week in the program of activities Cooking Earth curated by the collective Black Almanac.

The reduced use of land, the diversification of the origins of our food, the automation of processes and systems – these are some of the guidelines that will potentially define the agri-food industry of the next half century. It is crucial that we redefine what is considered edible, and through neuro-gastronomic processes install a new gastro-epistemology adapted to the survival of the planet, and in it that of the non-terra-predatory human being.

Blurring the differentiations between natural and artificial, local and global, raw and processed, we will develop a human-hummus prototype in a post-artificial context. This performative installation will try to question many of the preconceptions we have about what we consume.

The installation at Matadero will be made up of a scaffolding system that refers to the modular and in-process infrastructures inspired by the history of factory-kitchens and alternatives for urban-scale feeding. The work is conceived as a pseudo-cantina landed as a potential future, and aims to be functional and flexible enough to adapt to the needs of the production system. 

The scaffolding will be rented to ensure the before and after life of the material, avoiding the generation of unnecessary waste. 

The materials used for the performance are strategically located between desired proposals and existing possibilities, a limbo in which legality, science, and agrilogistics converge. Processes such as fermentation and germination, alternative cultivation techniques such as hydroponics, and the reconfiguration of what we understand as a viable and desirable resource will be central in the development of the action.

FONDO is an organisation that investigates artistic practices through gastronomy. Our goal is to communicate information through food, generating edible situations as a legitimate exhibition format. We consider cooking a valid creative discipline in the making of meaning. The FONDO team is female-identifying and attempts to counteract the lack of recognition of women in the hospitality sector. We insist on the exclusive use of vegetarian and “lab-grown” materials, thus assuming part of the climate responsibility within the food industry.

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