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Spanish Design for Food
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Tuesday to Friday from 4pm to 10pm. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 11am to 10pm.
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An exhibition showing how design is linked to spanish gastronomic creativity with a display that includes more than 200 designer items.
Gastronomy and design have always gone hand-in-hand. Design is applied not only to preparing and presenting food, but also to the utensils needed for the process. Spain has always been linked with top quality raw ingredients, gastronomic creativity and excellent design. Spanish restaurants, chefs and designers have made their mark on the international scene, putting our country at the forefront of these disciplines.
  What role has design played in terms of fine food and drink in Spain? The exhibition Tapas: Spanish Design for Food has been organised by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), and on this occasion, in collaboration with DIMAD and as part of di_food. The displays include more than 200 designer items split into four categories - Kitchen, Table, Food and Wines - to show how design, tradition, gastronomy, science, cutting-edge trends, art and innovation have all played their own part in resolving all kinds of food-related issues.
  The show invites visitors to discover how design finds answers to problems that have cropped up in the world of gastronomy and particularly how Spanish culture has contributed ingenious inventions and solutions throughout its history. This association has not only produced results from the functional point of view, it has also meant that the art world has been inspired by food, producing interesting pieces that move between art installation and the anthropological discourse of a country.

The selection of pieces ranges from the smallest object, like a salt cellar, to dinner services, furniture, restaurant interior decoration and architecture, with amazing examples of Spanish wineries. The exhibition also tries to showcase the huge innovative ability of top names in the Spanish food world whose techniques have revolutionised world gastronomy.
  Workshops and all kinds of activities related to food&design will be running alongside the exhibition. More information coming soon.

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Juli Capella