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Verónica Domingo Alonso
From 29 June to 11 July 2021

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Extensión AVAM

The result of a particular creative universe based on historical memory

Las Trece Rosas (the thirteen roses) is the name given to thirteen young women aged 18 to 29, belonging half of them to Unified Socialist Youth and shot down by the Franco regime in Madrid on August 5th 1939, shortly after the end of the Spanish Civil War.

The huge media repercussion of these facts, has led to its narration not only on a strictly historical level. Instead, crossing barriers, the event has been integrated into the world of literature, cinema, theater and music.

By means of the visual arts as a way of expression, this project uses engraving as a medium for transmitting a historical reality, but versioned from a visual interpretation.

TRECE ROSAS is the result of a particular creative universe based on historical memory. The project starts from a personal allegory where each ROSE is symbolically represented by a coffin lid.

Every image is unique, and their own identity lets them to be exhibited individually. However, all together make a whole that aims to conceptually and symbolically connect with History.

Accessing to these works requires some time of reflection before returning to them, and so properly sliding between the folds of time and memory.