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Una Fiesta Salvaje (A Wild Party) Poetic aperitif

Who owns language?
17 October 2021



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Una Fiesta Salvaje is a study, writing and research group focused on exploring the hybrid terrains of creation that have the body and the word at their core: every creative act that is on the edge, scrapes against the limits and puts its own centre in crisis. We work with our history and our heritage, with allowing them to paralyse us, inventing means of communication that transcend the limits of the physical word. Poetry has always been associated with dance, with the body, since the dawn of time; poetry, says Dorothea Ladsky, is a wild party.

Berta García Faet, María Benito and Chenta Tsai join Helena Mariño and Violeta Gil for a session full of words, books, songs and autotune. A conversation about their different artistic practices and their literary and vital desires, in which they will also share some of their latest works with the audience.

Berta García Faet (Valencia, 1988) is a poet, translator and teacher. She has published four books with La Bella Varsovia - the most recent one, “A Cute Little Personality” is currently being printed.

M. Benito (Durango,1992) is a Scorpio with a degree in Fine Arts (2014) and a master’s degree in Art Research and Creation (Increarte) (2015) from the UPV. She primarily writes and creates sculptures, and she has recited her poem collection “The Most Dramatic Panda EVER” in Azkuna Zentroa, in Horcasitas and in Bulegoa z/b.

Chenta Tsai (Taipei, 1990) is Putochinomaricón, a multidisciplinary artist and activist. He publishes his songs under the Elefant Records label and he has written “Fried Rice: Sex, Race and Gender” with Plan B.

Helena Mariño (Madrid, 1990) is a poet and translator. She has published “This Cold Is Not Ours” with Entropía Ediciones. Her upcoming publications are “The Swimmers” (RIL Editores) and a translation of the collection of poems “The January Children”, by Safia Elhillo (Visor).

Violeta Gil (Hoyuelos, 1983) is a writer and a theatre creator. She is the co-founder of La Tristura. She has published “Before You Throw My Things Out” (Arrebato). She translates, performs and gives workshops. She will publish her first book of prose next year. She travels a lot, but she lives in Madrid.

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