Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Verbose + CORIN + Halina Rice + LustSickPuppy

September 23

20 to 01:00h



Central de diseño

Field recordings and pixel mapping, hyperdigital classical music, a live performance between rave and art-happening, and glitter and blood in equal measure

Verbose Cýra Live AV _ES
Carlos Bravo is an instrumentalist, sound and visual artist, hardware developer and researcher. His project Cýra was born with the aim of materialising Verbose's trajectory in an experiential format. For this audiovisual performance, the result of the artist's experimentation with electromagnetic field recordings and pixel mapping technique, he built his own lighting equipment, before and during his time at the Matadero Art Residency Centre. The project moves between surgical precision and the improvised narrative of acoustic and light spaces that communicate with each other.


CORIN presents Lux Aeterna Live AV _AU·PH / UIQ
CORIN is Corin Ileto, an electronic music producer, DJ and performer working in the field of performance art, sound design, theater and club spaces. Her productions are an assemblage of converging styles moving somewhere between IDM, grime, EBM, trance, and baroque-laden ambience. In her compositions, traditional forms merge with hyper-digital sounds to create new imaginary realms. Coming from a background in classical piano, Ileto is interested in creating a sonic space in which western classical music can be hybridized with contemporary electronic production and non-western forms. Each of her releases focus on speculative mythology drawing from science fiction, western classical music, personal histories and ancestral heritage. In L.E.V. Matadero, she will present a live AV performance around her latest album Lux Aeterna.


Halina Rice New Worlds _UK / Injazero
Halina Rice, is a London-based electronic musician and AV artist renowned for her vivid and eclectic style, using multiple effects and sampling to create original and experimental sounds. Uniting elements of dance, ambient and experimental music, her sound ranges from evocative and melancholic soundscapes to beat-driven tracks. Launching the New Worlds project in 2020, she creates immersive AV environments in which to envelop her listeners, with her sold out live shows being described as “part rave, part art-happening”. 

Halina Rice

LustSickPuppy _USA
Born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, LustSickPuppy is a curator of chaos, invoking spirits through shared ritual. Blending elements of punk, gabber, drum b bass and rap, they deliver warped melodies over hyperactive beats at breakneck speed. Equal parts glitter and blood, their shows are raw and unpredictable, a live rave liturgy taking audiences by the leash while offering the ride of a lifetime.