Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Violeta in concert

15 October 2021



3,5 €

Nave 17. Nave una

This show is much more than a concert: it is a musical-scenic investigation based on writings by woman authors from the Generation of ‘98, most of them now forgotten: Carmen Baroja, Carolina Coronado, Consuelo Álvarez Pool, Carmen de Burgos, Sofía Casanova, Concha Espina or Rosario de Acuña.

This communion between past and present has materialised in an assertion of one’s own intimacy, choosing as a space of power the home and therefore domestic chores, inevitably identified as “female”, but presented here in a fresh and minimalist way.

Violeta is a group created during the residency for emerging bands that Matadero Madrid makes available to up-and-coming talents. Its members are Paula Ruiz, actress, dancer and musician in different companies and bands, who writes the songs for and sings in her solo project Fatal Tiger; Gabriela Casero, actress, singer, guitarist and composer in the bands Mow and Casero; and Cristina Manuela, director, playwright and creator of sound spaces for the performing arts.

Colaborador principal