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Creative workshops every Wednesday from 11 to 2pm.
Nave Intermediae
A journal about the workshop Al Matadero sin miedo and an open panel where all the participating artists can express themselves.  A collaborative effort of 22 creators with disabilities.

Workshop journal is a space open to spontaneous participation for all artists participating in the Al Matadero sin miedo workshops.  Conceived as a game, the syntax has a format and its own guidelines within a permanent structure whose content will change as the workshops progress.  Workshop journal will begin to take shape in a panel within Intermediae's Nave.  It will offer different images, video, audio... in the form of a toolbar for ideas, situations and particular people in the workshop.  This space, in continuous transformation, uses magnetic devices like those used in word games for refrigerators, a format that is ephemeral in essence and that entices us to play and experiment with communication.  The goal is that it may be a fun, agile instrument for internal communication, while displaying the collective's work to the Matadero's visitors and allowing them to see the changing contours of what is done in the weekly workshops.  At the heart of all work there is communication: a communication that searches constantly for alternatives, non-verbal methods, and that has found its outlet for expression in this new space.

  //AL MATADERO SIN MIEDO// is a collaborative creation project conceived from the standpoint of universal accessibility.  Every Wednesday, together with 22 creators with intellectual handicaps, artists, students of diverse disciplines and special educational professionals come together to connect with the private universe within each creator and facilitate his or her expression.

Throughout its three years of evolution and continually connected with the participants' interests, the workshop has worked spontaneously in different areas: drawing, comics, animation and video, sound and movement, painting and construction.