Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Zan Lyons + Lorem

September 23

First Session: 18 to 20h.

Second Session: 21 to 23h.

Each pass includes both shows


16 €

Casa del Lector

An interactive live between music, video games and cinema, and a hymn to the imagination based on machine learning

Zan Lyons Interactive Visual Audio _UK·DE
One of the most distinctive audiovisual performers to date, violinist, producer and film-maker Zan Lyons’ stunning shows have received critical acclaim across the globe, combining explosive beats that collide with melancholic concertos. Using his laptop and custom foot pedals, zan loops his violin, voice and sounds - while manipulating his haunting visuals - to incredible effect. Zan Lyons new project exists between music, gaming and cinema. Using a Playstation controller, the mysterious on-screen character and visuals are controlled in real time as the incendiary sound design follows in perfect synchronicity. A new multi sensory concept named by the artist as Interactive Visual Audio

Zan Lyons

Lorem Tesh AV _IT
Lorem is an individual/multiple identity working across sound and media by exploring states of consciousness and emotional datasets through visceral narrative AV experiences. The project is directed by Francesco D’Abbraccio, creative co-director of Krisis Publishing. In the wake of his recent installation Distrust Everything, Lorem presents his new live AV, Tesh. This is the performative version of the work's new chapter. Based on a weird, adventurous screenplay, the AV set combines transcriptions of dreams and weird literature through the use of machine learning systems.

Weaving sonic and narrative elements within Lorem's skewed and oneiric imagery Tesh is a hymn to imagination as an escape route from the realism that burdens our language and our experience of the world.