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Planet LEV. Navigating pixels

Visual Arts

To discover what lies behind the creation of the virtual universe Planet LEV, immersive artistic experience by Children of Cyberspace, curated by L.E.V. Festival and co-produced by Matadero Madrid and L.E.V., the online activities of L.E.V. XRmass edition will feature the premiere of an audiovisual piece that will take us on a trip through the history, geography and artistic content of the planet.

The production presents a tour of its different virtual spaces and will allow us to meet its inhabitants, the Nimis, digital species that have escaped from the distant Asturian landscapes to flourish in the electric air of their new online planet. An audiovisual work halfway between a digital nature documentary, a guided visit to a virtual museum and a travel guide for cyberspace tourists.

MIND THE FILM is an audiovisual studio specialized in music, technology and arts narratives. Its efforts are recognized by creative industries all over the world, due to its cinematic accuracy and documentary approach.

Truly advocators of LEV and digital avant-garde, in "Planet LEV: Navigating pixels" they transform the genre of space documentaries to explore virtual landscapes, combining their experience in first-person video games with a guided tour in a digital art gallery.
A film written and directed by MIND THE FILM

Supported by the Government of the Principality of Asturias and the Town Council of Gijón/Xixón

Robert Lippok & Lucas Gutierrez

Boris Divider

Tentacle Queen
Fractal Fantasy / Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones

Ghost Island: Innervision
NAXS corp. & Meuko! Meuko!

Elías Merino & Sergio Millán

Concentric Core Reflector

Sabrina Ratté


Boris Divider
Fractal Fantasy
Elias Merino
Meuko Meuko!
dot tape dot

Planet LEV is an artistic experience produced by Matadero Madrid and L.E.V. Festival
Curation by L.E.V. Festival
Project development by Children of Cyberspace