Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

From January to July 2023


Art and education research residency

AMECUM is the Association of Cultural Mediators of Madrid. It was created in 2015 by grassroots professionals in education and cultural mediation. The association is the result of the urgent need to give visibility to the profession to enhance its role as a social tool for the development of a critical citizenry able to achieve empowerment through culture. As a professional association, it aspires to raise awareness of and reinforce the figure of cultural educators and mediators and to foster their work, facilitating access to the services they need for their professionalisation through research, theoretical-practical training and the promotion of spaces in which to meet and work together.

During its 2023 residency, it will continue to explore the idea of archiving and documentation in the field of cultural mediation, using the funds and resources provided by the mediaTECA, a mobile library currently parked at the Centre for Artists in Residence which contains publications on mediation, education, management and cultural production. The Mediation Archives (I) project is presented as a series of actions in which AMECUM, together with invited cultural agents, proposes a potential space for reflection, thought and action. The focus will be on strategies to humanise the practice of cultural mediation and generate a self-reflection on the institution's production modes, as well as to explore the detection of good practices.