Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

From 1 October to 30 December 2021

Cristina Spinelli

The matter that fills a form

This project emerges as a kind of delta of previous projects at its estuary. kt-kets-teks condenses and rethinks languages and reminiscences, and reflects on the forms occupied by materials, paying attention to the ideas of conglomerate, code, textual content and representation, ornament and artificiality, writing and architecture... This sediment here, to give rise to a terrain in which to continue reflecting on the materiality of writing, on this occasion incorporating the relationship that it invokes with the textile. Thus, by treating textual content - not text - as a conglomerate, the non-woven textile emerges in this research.

Cristina Spinelli (Madrid, 1993) lives and works in Madrid. Her pieces act as reminiscences but also as sketches; the conjugation of diverse materials investigates their representational power, their phantasmagoria. Her work has recently been seen at Can Felipa Arts Visuals, Barcelona; Salón, Madrid; ETOPIA Centro de Arte y Tecnología, Zaragoza; Tabacalera Promoción del Arte, Madrid; Casa Antillón, Madrid; Injuve, Sala Amadís, Madrid; Archipiélago, Former British Embassy, Madrid; Las Cigarreras. Cultura Contemporánea, Alicante; Medialab Prado, Madrid. This autumn she will take part in exhibitions at the Dos de Mayo Art Centre, Madrid; the Condeduque Centre for Contemporary Culture, Madrid; and the Sala de Arte Joven, Madrid.