Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

From 15 October 2021 to 15 July 2022

Eva Garrido del Saz and Amalia Ruiz-Larrea

The art and education project they are going to develop is “El Río Embobado” (“The Besotted River”)

This is a project about being and how bodies feel time. We propose a research based on observation and action, adjusted to the time of things, approaching different ways of being to see how each body feels its own existence in time. We will spend the 10 months of the residency researching the beings that coexist in a limited area of the river. Somehow being a stone, grass, city noise, the way an ant walks, being oneself and a park, all at the same time. We believe that this approach to other ways of being can lead us to experience strange times that will lead us to an enrichening and different present. 

Throughout this residency we will open the research up in the form of monthly workshops to join our bodies and learn to be in different ways.



We are Eva Garrido del Saz and Amalia Ruiz-Larrea Fernández. Through different projects, we’ve spent quite some time highlighting other educational activities such as walking, getting lost, wasting time together, being queer, all of which meander between art and education and take shape in workshops, performance are pieces, writing processes and publications. We have collaborated with different institutions such as the Education Department of the Ca2m and this year we are developing our research between Matadero and the Contemporary Art Centre of Huarte.