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Fuentesal & Arenillas


Clear Puddle - Solid Background proposes a kind of scenic device: A space in which the infinite handling of surfaces and the habitability of the work are woven into works that move between sculpture, stage and narrative.

Sliding, folding, cutting, perforating or rolling are the movements that allow imagination and experience to converge in the workshop. Gestures are related to matter, and when the pieces are assembled in space, ideas are related to perceptions, embracing a material ambiguity that does not relinquish the literalness of certain structures which, like the frame, appeal to both the craft and the nature of things that need to be held or that move.

Maintaining the encounter, looking from the points chosen for rest, gripping the roughness of the material, sharing forms, readings and reflections about to be brought together by fortuitous acts produce a series of movements that activate the arrival at the beginning of the form, accompanying remnants and sheens raised to the construction of the gaze, a kaleidoscopic mixture where imagination and experience coexist. A scenic device where emotional energies can be traversed, dodged and piled up. A staging between different elements with which to reflect on the gaze of opposites, the dialectic metamorphosis between names and things, the conscious or dreamlike process of thought. Pieces that will appeal to the craft, to bilaterality in space, turning the exhibition method and the act of perception into a game board in a continuous process of change.

Fuentesal & Arenillas [1986-1989]

Julia Fuentesal and Pablo M.Arenillas studied Fine Arts in Seville and have lived since then in London and Berlin. They currently live and work in Madrid where they are members of the collective …And She Keeps a Stone from Every Place She has Visited (Y Ella Guarda una Piedra de Cada Lugar que ha Visitado), Juan Silió Gallery. In 2020, their project Brilliant Cover/ Thin Margin (Cubierta Brillante/ Margen Delgado) won the 3rd Community of Madrid-DKV First Phase Prize. They have exhibited in London with Where Water Rumbles, Metallised, and at the Sabrina Amrani Gallery with I Got You Under My Skin. In 2019, among other projects, they received mentions at such events as the 30th Plastic Arts Circuit and the Daniel Vázquez Díaz Grant. In 2018 they put on the solo exhibition The Resistance of It/Blue like an Orange (La Resistencia del Ello/Azul Como una Naranja) at the Luis Adelantado Gallery in Valencia. They received an award from the Blueproject Foundation, inaugurating Gameshow/Playshow and they took part in an production residency at the C3A centre. Just before that they gave a workshop called The End of the Object (El fin del Objeto) for CA2M and IES Europa.