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K-HOLE: a Bad Trip to the Mermaid Lagoon


K-HOLE closes the Trilogy of the Night, a saga of stage performance art pieces directed and produced by Alejandría Cinque through the experimental company Lighthouse of Alejandría. The pieces reveal three universes that narrate, by way of chapters, the past, present and future of queer subjectivity. Entitled AFTER, the first chapter was premiered in Madrid, Manchester and Mexico City. This performance art piece presents the nocturnality of the club scene as the stage for the activities of dissident sexualities where techno, drugs and dance are the mechanisms of sexual interaction. The secund chapter, CRUISING, was presented in Madrid, Montevideo and Valencia. This performance art piece is presented as a liturgical ceremony that reinstates profane divinities associated with pleasure and desire. The last of the performance art pieces, K-HOLE, invites us to travel to the Lagoon of the Mermaids of Neverland which has been devasted by the action of human beings and their disregard for the natural ecosystems. The project is presented as a multidisciplinary production in which music, fashion, stage design and poetry are merged to generate a visual cry by gender-free-post-apocalyptic-mutant mermaids at an present that is unaware of the alarming situation in which we find ourselves and the limited time we have to reverse the damage done to the planet.  

ALEJANDRÍA is a creative journey to an architecture of projects dreamt up by the multidisciplinary artist Alejandría Cinque who works from a neutral, non-binary, nocturnal terrain, where performativity flows between genders, where creativity takes over not only the work, but also the body of the artist, when everything has yet to be defined, when everything has yet to be dreamt. Just as when Alexander the Great dreamt of the city of Alexandria, a utopia of civilisation that gave him the strength to continue his campaign. ALEJANDRÍA wants to be that dream, that which can possibly be built, based on a fantasy whose limits seem blurred, a play of light and shadows that dance in an ambiguity that allows the free interpretation of oneself. This is how the Lighthouse of Alejandría company has come into existence, where scenic practice develops in a fluid and experimental way and where formal limits are not defined. From this manifesto springs the Trilogy of the Night, which comprises the performance art pieces AFTER, CRUISING and K-HOLE, premiered in such cities as Madrid (Teatro Pradillo), Manchester (HOMO), Montevideo (INAE), Mexico City (Museo del Chopo) and Valencia (TEM).