Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

From January to March 2023

Luna Acosta

Artistic production residency in collaboration with La Escocesa

El tiempo, como las piedras o cómo hablar sobre el retorno (Time, Like Stones or How to Talk About the Return)

The centre of the Earth is a reservoir of magnetite, a mineral that turns the Earth into a huge magnet. Taking this as her starting point, Luna Acosta approaches this project by suggesting that every migrant body contains fragments of magnetite. “Magnetite allows them to create routes along which to move by feeling the earth’s magnetic fields and finding the most suitable places in which they can survive. Humans, too, have a piece of magnetite lodged in our skull, but since it is not connected to our nervous system it is not a sense, but rather an atrophied reservoir of something that relates us to other migrant beings”. 

Since the 1970s, due to the internecine war, Colombians have been leaving the country in droves every year. According to official figures, some 5 million people form the Colombian diaspora, for whom Spain is the second most popular destination after the USA. The aim of the Time, Like Stones project is to compile stories of stones and humans, in the hope that the atomic particles of both will tell us stories about the world. 


Luna Acosta defines herself as a visual artist, researcher, teacher, queer person and part of the Colombian diaspora. She received a PEI grant from MACBA and the WHW Akademija (Zagreb). She is a member of the “Selvagem” community and of the postgraduate course in Narratives of Memory Related to the Colombian Armed Conflict at the University of Antioquia. Her work stems from questions about migration as a result of colonial processes and political violence. She works in such fields as performance art, textiles, collaborative practices, listening, and digital and ancestral technologies. She is a resident at Fabra i Coats, a recipient of a BKFMACBA grant, a member of La Escocesa and of the mediation team at the Santa Mónica Arts Centre.