Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

From January to July 2022

Mar Reykjavik

Things have the shape of the way they unfold / El Setè Cel is an oral essay on becoming and the sufficiency there is in things, it’s a story

I’m on a train that tastes like lees, I suck it and it also tastes of polino, of vinyl chloride.
Someone starts drinking mate and I open up a pen drive on which is written:

Things have the shape
Tengo los ojos secos
Of the way they unfold
De ovillar palabras en un hilo de plata: garabato, balbuceo, ristra

Things Have The Shape Of The Way They Unfold is an oral essay on becoming and the sufficiency there is in things, it’s a story. A system erected from an ontological and correlative perspective that will be a CD that can be translated into a sound installation made up of six loudspeakers -seven-. I am dreaming.  

It starts from - and takes due note of - the song El Setè Cel (Seventh Heaven) by Jaume Sisa: a stroll through seven possible scenarios for the construction of an image that reflects our own image back to us by entrusting us with the task of completing the story or circle.

El primer cel és inventat: el primer gran invent de la terrestritat
The first heaven is invented: the first great invention of terrestriality
I el sisè cel està copiat, del cel setè que has engendrat dins del teu capAnd the sixth heaven is a copy of the seventh heaven that you have engendered in your head

We are proposing the study of a specific methodological structure that looks at itself. Thus, to be more specific. Volume, translation: I stop in becoming and it is enough.

I moor myself to this contingency. This is a process about oneself, referential, a comment that occurs and defines itself in its own course: things have the shape of the way they unfold and  then we can infer from them

Seven vocal acts are processed that deal with their own occupation. —what they are dealing with—towards, for, by. I don’t know what, I don’t know how many. About, behind.—.  

A story is told.


Mar Reykjavik (Sagunto, 1995) has a degree in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, specialising in image in movement, installation and action. She also has a master’s degree from Master.Lav – The Laboratory of Contemporary Audiovisual Creation. She has been artist in residence at the GVA Museum Consortium of the Autonomous Community of Valencia, the Bilbaoarte Foundation, Artists in Residence at La Casa Encendida + CA2M, Injuve and Ob Skena at the Huarte Centre, among others. 

Here in Spain, her work has been exhibited at such spaces as Rosa Santos, Pols, La Posta Foundation, La Gallera, Octubre CCC and Muvim (Valencia); CA2M, Espacio Oculto, Storm and Drunk (Madrid); the Bilbaoarte Foundation, El Respiradero (Basque Country); Da2 Artium (Salamanca); COAC (Tenerife). Overseas, she has put on exhibitions at the El Recoleta Cultural Centre (Buenos Aires) and the SupermarketArtFair (Stockholm), among others. 

She combines her artistic production with her work as a teacher in such spaces as Master.Lav, MACA Master in Experimental Architecture, Woman Make, and La Fotoescuela.