Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

From September 1 to October 30 2021

Marta van Tartwijk

Patrón: flexión, rotación, desplazamiento  (Pattern: bending, rotating, displacing)  is the study of body movement through video and illustration

Patrón: flexión, rotación, desplazamiento is a study of body movement through video and illustration, proposing systems of translation that underscore the impermanence of movement and the space it occupies. Taking experimentation with the body in the studio as a starting point, the resulting movement is defined by its immediacy and minimal nature. It is movement that the body has not yet understood to be coded. Considering movement as a collection of images that occur exactly as scripted by the filmmaker opens the possibility of reflecting on the sequence in terms of space.

In this way, the most minimal gesture can capture the experimental intentionality of dance by Bruce Nauman and Trisha Brown in the 60s, adapting the challenges of the body and its occupation of space to our current context. Through this attention to the most minimal detail, it is possible to develop sensitivity; there are changes we should be mindful of, as it is their occurrence that causes the gesture. 



Marta van Tartwijk she graduated from BB.AA at the Complutense University of Madrid, completing his training at École Superieur d'Art de Bretagne (France), at the University of Barcelona and at A * Desk.

Ahe has exhibited and developed her work in different institutions such as Hangar (2014), Sala Amadís (2017), Pradillo Theater (2016), TEA Tenerife (2018), Romokultur (2018), Bilbaoarte (2019), Sant Andreu Contemporani (2019), Fabra i Coats (2020), or Young Art Room (2020). It has also received the awards and grants from Sala d'Art Jove (2014), INJUVE (2017), Getxoarte (2018), Aid for the production of the Community of Madrid (2018), Circuits of Plastic Arts (2020), or Slaughterhouse Crea (2021). In the field of research, he combined his artistic practice working in the CA2M archive and library between 2015 and 2020.



Marta van Tartwijk developed a residency in Dos Mares, Marseille, during the months of September and October as part of the collaboration with said center, for which the Matadero Madrid Art Residency Center will receive Matteo Demaria during the months of October and November . Both artists have been selected through public calls.



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