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Matteo Demaria

Let’s read this and talk about something else (art) (work) (life)  

I think that currently the modes of organization of artistic work are largely aligned with the neoliberal tendencies on work. artists must be hyperflexible self-entrepreneurs. we are a new typical figure of the contemporary capitalist worker.

I think, too, that artists have a very particular relationship to work. artists nourish their practices from encounters outside of the studios, from things seen while shopping, from thoughts had while walking in a field, etc.; and when they "produce" their practice, it is (ideally) with enthusiasm and in a good mood. we "work" all the time, and, at the same time, we never work. 

I think, finally, that this "coincidence" can be mobilized to think about "non-exclusively artistic" work (and its world) from the reality of "artistic work".

I know that I am not the only one to think this. 

It is from these considerations that my research project deploys itself.

Drawing from my library of artists' books, i wish to create documents/invitations to stimulate encounters, discussions and collective creations on the relationships and tensions between the realms of "art," "work" and "life."



Matteo Demaria was born in Oxford in 1994. After a master deegree from the Nantes’ school of fine arts in 2019, he has choosen to live in marseille and develop his artistic research form there.

His practice unfolds from the wish to put into discussion. This represents the possibility of making critical voices emerge from conversations, confrontations, and the loosen assembling of diverse discourses. 

It is about the recording of the results of artistic experiences, based on the interaction with other individualities, within editorial formats, so that what is said and done, according to a precise moment, can say and do other things - according to other moments.

In a concern for the accuracy of his positioning, he puts in discussion from the (lexical) field that he knows and in which he is involved: the field of art - and in particular from a question that has interested artists since at least the 20th century: that of the articulation between "art" and "life".



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