Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Naomy Salge
Del 1 enero 2020 al 30 junio 2021

Naomy Salge


navxja is the artistic pseudonym of Naomy Salge, an Afro-Colombian artist who lives and survives in the city of Madrid. 

In 2018 she earned her degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid. The content of her work focuses primarily on audiovisual Produccion: photography, collage, video editing, web programming and musical composition and performance. 

She participated in the 8th edition of the Encontró de Artistas Novos (2018) with the Bad Negresses (Negras Malas) project and in the congress Feminist Ontologies: Divine and Precarious Youth (Ontologías Feministas: Divina y Precaria Juventud). She has also collaborated in publications such as “Give us Back our Gold” (Devuélvannos el Oro) by the Ayllu collective in a residency in Matadero Madrid.

Co-founder of the Afro-feminist collective EFAE (Empowerment of Female Afro-descendents in Spain) in 2016, she is currently focused on the consolidation of emotional intra-community ties. 

Creator in the diaspora of an art that calls itself tender, precarious and above all visceral, from the deep and personal. 

During the artistic residency she will develop an audiovisual project called "THOSE KIDS", which seeks to explore the links between the city’s artists, especially sexual and migrant dissidents, precariousness and youth, from an immersive point of view and with self-produced music as a narrative vehicle.