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To Cinquito, With Licence To Touch is a single-channel audiovisual piece that addresses the scenarios of violence constructed for the popular exhibition of non-normative bodies in the context of Spanish between 1850 and 1980. Starting out from the representation and production of dialectical and visual imaginaries relating to these people who have taxonomised as “human phenomena”, this work sets out to unveil the artifice of the practices that modelled otherness in parks, street parties, fairs, circuses and museums in our country, while at the same time tracing the vestiges that this spectacularisation has left in the regime of the contemporary gaze. To Cinquito, With Licence to Touch seeks to avoid any replication of the hypervisibilisation to which these people have been subjected throughout history, which is why it advocates a performativity of absence.[LO1]  In this sense, the mise en scène that has surrounded these bodies will be used aesthetically and discursively as a space for the registration of memories, affection, agencies and vindication; supporting the construction of decolonial and depatriarchalised narratives of these bodies-others.

nucbeade is a collective formed by the artists Quiela Nuc (1990) and Andrea Beade (1988). Through audiovisual media, installations and performance art, nucbeade constructs and retrieves narratives that lie outside hegemonic historiography.

Their works have been shown at festivals and in such museums and galleries as La Casa Encendida (Generation 2021, Madrid), Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien (Berlin), Museum of Impossible Forms (Helsinki), Espositivo (Madrid), Sala Amadís (Madrid), RMIT Art Intersect Spare Room (Melbourne), Miguel Hernández University (Elche), Alcances Documentary Film Festival (Cadiz), Margins Festival (Madrid), Festival of Malaga, BideOtik Azkuna Zentroa Alhóndiga Bilbao or Queer Lisboa.