Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

From October 2022 to June 2023

Osikán. Nursery of creation and imagination

Art and education residency

What do you believe in? - network of imaginary agents

This project explores the poetic-performative condition of relationships and the function of imagination as a means of survival, through other modes of exchange, experience and negotiation with the world: other ways of being. Not in the sense of turning our backs on reality or trying to or escape it, but rather of insisting on it, going beyond that which is evident. The project promotes a series of encounters and actions with communities, people, groups and specific spaces, starting with the community of artistic agents to which the members of this proposal belong and gradually extending in different ways to other artists, managers, Matadero employees, hetero-dissident families, migrants and people living in or near to the Matadero neighbourhood.

In their residency, within the framework of this large-scale project, Osikán will work on a line of action called The Caribbeans. A Working Group on the Migratory Diaspora in the Neighbourhood of Legazpi. The research will focus on the Caribbean community in Legazpi, the Madrid Caribbean, in an effort to build an archive on the tools of imagination, resistance, knowledge and flavours that not only persist in the city’s Caribbean imaginary but are also becoming increasingly visible. An exercise in the recovery of personal and collective memories that will help us to map all those real and fictional islands that inhabit the city and, in particular, the Legazpi neighbourhood.


Osikán is a nursery for creation, research and action in which artists, specialists, activists and communities coexist. Currently, in Havana, Madrid and Montreal, Osikán is expanding its network of alliances with the world’s Cuban, Afro-Caribbean and Latin American diasporas, in connection with other alternative networks and international circuits. 

Paloma CalleJosé Ramón Hernández and Óscar Cornago are in charge of the project.