Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

From April to June 2023

Pablo Marte

Violencia Fantasía (Fantasy Violence)

Fantasy Violence is an area of research that explores the relationship between desire and the subtle ways in which violence is embedded in the world we live in. The artist understands as subtle those forms of violence that emanate from representations that are embellished to the point of fantasy in a society obsessed with producing an impeccable image of itself.

Fantasy Violence’s research process is organised around different areas of production (graphic, audiovisual, performative, mediation) and focuses on the idea of working with one other as a living and mediated form of dialogue.

Through this residency at Dos Mares, the artist seeks to situate this research in the context of Marseille and to explore the performative, graphic and textual materialisations of the project.

Fantasy Violence belongs to an affective framework and a working methodology that Pablo Marte shares with Lorenzo García-Andrade, which they call Real Desire.


Pablo Marte is an artist, writer and researcher. His work takes as its starting point writing and its relationship with the moving image, by editing and exploring ways of spatialising images. He has shown his work at C3A ( Cordoba), CA2M (Madrid), the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, Hangar (Lisbon), Kadist Art Foundation (Paris), Artium (Vitoria), the Santa Mónica Art Centre (Barcelona), amongst others. Together with Marion Cruza Le Bihan, he produced a 12-episode series for Tabakalera in San Sebastian entitled Mañana Goodbye, about how a tobacco factory changes its production model and becomes a centre for contemporary culture. With the publishing production company Consonni, he produced The Problem is in the Medium (El Problema está en el Medio) and the play Again Against. He also published an editorial project called Pretty Woman, a fictional essay and ten artist’s notebooks-interventions. At the end of 2020 he helped set up a cultural criticism podcast called Basilika - he hosts two of its programmes, Conflictive Sector (Sector Conflictivo) and Infamous Report (Informe Infame). He is currently working on a symptomatic and intertextual practice that includes biographical, experiential, anecdotal and casual elements as well as the fabulous, the unreal and the unbelievable. 

He is a recipient of the Mobility Residency for Visual Artists of Matadero Madrid’s Centre for Artists in Residence in collaboration with Dos Mares, Marseille.