Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

From January to July 2022

Raisa Maudit

We are of Everything / Somos de Todo

We are of Everything is based on research into funerary symbology, the representation of the dead, and the decomposition of bodies as a path to immortality that can function as an allegory of resistance to systemic violence.

Using theory-fiction and multidisciplinarity, the work will explore a choreographic installation. Through robotic, sound and scenographic processes it will create a new symbology based on resilient elements found in nature to create a series of ‘living’ sculptures in semi-rigid materials covered in volcanic ash that represent a new iconography for femicide deaths.

Liberation from the idea of violent heteropatriarchal love that must disappear in the face of the implacable and immortal nature of life. The work follows in the wake of such recent works as The Vampire Manifesto and Let Yourself Die, which explored the idea of the fungi universe, neurological parasites and other elements found in nature as vampires that resist violence by killing and generating a contagious and irrepressible life from a post-anarchist point of view. Or the story of the native inhabitants of La Palma, the Auarita Amazons who were murdered at the summits held at Cumbre Vieja and Tigalate during the 15th century Spanish invasion, transformed by a cantata into the harbingers of the End of Time. We Are of Everything will be a Choreography of Revenge that establishes poetic lines for a much-needed systemic change.


Raisa Maudit (La Palma, 1986). She was studied Fine Arts in Barcelona and has received training in classical music. Through a series of multidisciplinary processes she analyses the contradictions and blind spots of the system’s dominant narratives. From a personal universe in which music, video, the scenic arts, occultism, performance art, text, sculpture, installation or curating combine to propose revolutions.

Her work has been exhibited at MUSAC, Gitte Böhr Galerie (Berlin), Galeria Códice (Nicaragua), the Dos de Mayo Art Centre-CA2M, the El Chopo Museum (Mexico City), the Joan Miro Foundation, MACBA, HOME (Manchester), Kingston Gallery (Los Angeles), or the Kunstraum Flat1 (Vienna), among others. She has received awards such as Generations 2019 or Injuve 2015. Since 2014 she has run an art space and publishing house that goes by the name Storm And Drunk, and she has written books like Letters to Wolfi, The Dissidences with Marti Manen, and Days of Wrath. She is a member of the international Visionary Women Research Group and has curated exhibitions at the Supermarket Art Fair, MIAC, PS Mirabel and TEA Tenerife.


Image: The Vampire Manifesto (video still) 2021