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Batalla de Gallos Latinoamérica, León Benavente, Palo Alto, Doma&Orphidal and Envelope Collective
Red Bull Studio Madrid continues with its agenda full of recordings and collaborations, with the following artists, in FEBRUARY:  
BATALLA DE GALLOS LATINOAMÉRICA February 4 - 9 LEÓN BENAVENTE (Resident recordings): February 11 - 14 PALO ALTO (Resident recordings): February 18 - 20 DOMA & ORPHIDAL (Resident recordings): February 22 - 24 ENVELOPE COLLECTIVE (Resident recordings): February 27 - March 1

  BATALLA DE GALLOS LATINOAMÉRICA “Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos: Many can talk, few can rhyme.  Only the best can improvise".  It is in this spirit that Red Bull Batalla de Gallos [Cockfight] took off in Latin America, tied to the Spanish-language hip-hop scene with one goal: to find the best MCs - and have them show off their talent improvising rhymes in one-on-one "cockfights".  Seven countries participated in the latest edition: Chile, Argentina, Panama, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Colombia and Peru.  At the same time urban music creators competed, using their best tracks to create improvised hip-hop.  The winners of both these competitions are now arriving at Red Bull Studio at Nave de Música, Matadero Madrid, to record an album in the first week of February 2013.   LEÓN BENAVENTE Conceived of in 2012 to provide a home for the compositions of Luis Rodríguez and David Cobas (Abraham Boba), in a song format that is very different from that used in their other projects.  Both men are part of Nacho Vegas's band, where they met and began to compose together.  In June and July 2012 they recorded a demo featuring five songs in a home studio, focusing more on the songs themselves than on arrangement or production.  In August two very experienced musicians joined the project: César Verdú (Swartz) and Eduardo Baos (Tachenko, Micah P. Hinson).  Both men have also been producers and sound engineers on many projects on the Spanish scene.  Dark pop is their thing.  Now it's their turn to record their work, between February 11 and February 14, at Red Bull Studio at Nave de Música, Matadero Madrid.   PALO ALTO After their stay at Nave de Música, Matadero Madrid, as residents in the first round of residencies for musicians, it's now Palo Alto's turn to record their work at Red Bull Studio Madrid, from February 18 to 20. No-Roots-Music, contemporary, universal, and essentially melodic and instrumental, while still using the voice as another instrument, theirs is music based on traditional or popular music, but using means, tools, and current references.   DOMA & ORPHIDAL This duo created by Fabio Vinuesa and Diego Monterrubio started, in 2011, the project, Soulless Lab, with the idea of creating an online platform to release work by new electronic musicians on a national level, pursuing a stylistic line based on experimentation with avant garde sound.  To date they have relseased eleven works by Spanish artists, as well as their own, betting on electronic-acoustic sounds far-removed from the most conventional lines.  Throughout their residency, their goal was to fuse electronic music with conventional acoustic elements.  Now they have the chance to record their work at the Red Bull professional studio at Nave de Música, Matadero Madrid, February 22 - 24.   ENVELOPE COLLECTIVE  Since 2007 they have been livening up Sunday afternoons in Madrid with most intimate strains of experimentation with “Evenings”.  In their residency, they outlined a goal of developing a compliation album with the artists that participated on that project.  The men behind the collective are: Oliver Arson, musician and producer, known for his projects, The Folding and the point, and now, Territoire; José Tena, coordinator for Evenings and member of Ann Deveria; and Julián Martín, musician and producer of several dub, electronic, jazz and other musical style projects, who currently plays in a math rock band and is a member of Territoire.  From February 27 to March 1, they will be in and out of Red Bull Studio at Nave de Música, at Matadero Madrid, finally recording their work.