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Sally Gutiérrez Dewar


Peepal Trees and 88 Steps is an experimental video project, texts and drawings based on an epistolary exchange with the singer and writer, Vidya Rao. The project articulates the encounter between two poetics that share the ability to be in this world, to listen to one another, and to reinterpret times and spaces. The phenomenology of the letter as a means of communication that is almost extinct yet still active in our memory, responds to a regime of evocative and necessary spectrality in a world that is torn between screen and promenade, song and message, image and virus..

Sally Gutiérrez Dewar

Sally Gutiérrez Dewar is a visual artist and director of non-fiction films. She has studied in Madrid, Berlin, New York and Murcia, and she has been a member of the jury in film festivals and for art grants. From a critical and feminist position that questions the colonial construction of history and the present, her artistic projects explore ways of inhabiting and surviving in geographies where space and objects are also social actors in the networks and the crises of globalisation. She has developed projects based on collaborations with local communities in South Africa, the Philippines and the Community of Madrid.

Currently carrying out research into contemporary non-fiction epistolary cinema, she is also an art teacher and part of the art collective Magnetic Declination, The Patio: Collective for Cinema-audiovisual Learning (Declinación Magnética, El Patio: Colectivo de Aprendizaje Cine-audiovisual), and the DOCMA documentary cinema association. Her projects have been exhibited in galleries, museums, associations and film festivals in Spain and overseas.