Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Del 01 enero 2020 al 30 junio 2021



The Torta collective was born from the desire to unify three stratathat form part of the consumption of art and of current artistic practices: the artist, the mediator, and the spectator. They defend a unique position that unites them and in which they combine the acts of producing, mediating and observing. We understand art as a tool for critical thinking and play: learning methods to help us navigate our surroundings, to be happy and to understand the contemporary.

Rather than the neoliberal values of competitiveness and innovation they propose forms of organic production that place value on the ties that bind us. They consider that what is important is not so much reaching a consensus or a conclusion as working from a common sensitivity to build in no matter what direction. We in Torta want to rethink the ways in which culture reaches the city, whether from schools, art centres or from the domestic sphere.

They are interested in drawing a generational map, building networks and constructing a collective discourse whose narratives help us to understand individual identities in the present. Our aim is to investigate ways of generating common knowledge by using contemporary art and gastronomy as a fundamental tool.