Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Del 18 de febrero al 21 de junio de 2021.



Violeta is a multidisciplinary group which was originally set up by Paula Ruíz, Gabriela Casero and Cristina Manuela.

They come from such different artistic fields as music, writing, design and the scenic arts.

The starting point for this musical and research project are the female poets of the Generation of ‘98, the first modern feminists in a historical context that seemed to be heading towards the end of the world. The project also takes the liberty of creating possible connections with other poets who were active before that time.

Searching in the depths of the sea, in what has been abandoned, in what has turned to dust. With the intention of rediscovering minimalism and the everyday in their texts, rescuing and revaluating so many Spanish words that have fallen into disuse. Offering the possibility of imagining how they would give voice to their own texts. Fantasising with sound as the means of expression of their ideas.

Violeta seek to open the way for experimentation with different musical styles and materials in order to move in a heterodox way between pop, ambient, folk, field recording and electronic music. Their intention is to create a conceptual sound album full of drama that leads to multiple performative possibilities.