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Bob Marley for babies

by La petita malumaluga
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Saturdays and Sundays / 5, 6:15 and 7:30pm

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The music, and also the ideas and causes defended by the pioneer of reggae are the inspiration for a show of music and dance that talks about the musician Bob Marley, but also about the struggle of women.

Bob Marley for Babies is the second part of La Petita Malumaluga?s trilogy that began with the international hit ?Bitels for Babies? (a tribute concert to The Beatles).

Four dancers who sing, or four singers who dance, and a cellist, perform sophisticated vocal arrangements of the best songs by Bob Marley, one of the most important African-American cultural icons of the 20th century.

A colourful explosion of song and dance in which the audience, sat inside an immersive and visual 360º stage design, is the protagonist at all times.

Bob Marley for Babies seeks to link some of Marley?s pan-Africanist and racial equality demands with some of the feminist causes at different stages of women?s lives and in different regions of the world. Music, dance, participation, technology, reflection and new scenic languages for that most demanding of audiences: young children and their families.