Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Daito Manabe + Kamitami Lab

September 22


Nave 16

Dissonant Imaginary Live Av

Multidisciplinary Japanese artist Daito Manabe, one of the most influential and acclaimed digital creators worldwide, headlines Nave 16’s session on Thursday 22 with a collaborative project created together with Kamitami Lab. Under the title Dissonant Imaginary, this live AV performance explores the effect of music on the brain through a system that analyzes brain activity and interprets it to shape it into images, generating the visual elements of the show itself.  

The project focuses on investigating how changing from a specific sound to abstract music provokes different mental images. Using data obtained from MRI scans of real subjects and decoding technologies applied to different areas of the visual cortex, the artists are able to predict these images and recreate them on the big screen, literally materializing our imagination.