Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Día Europeo de la Música 2022 Concerts

Plaza Matadero
18 y 19 de junio 2022

Sábado 18 de 18.30 a 24h
Domingo 19 de 12 a 22h


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Plaza Matadero

Music floods Plaza Matadero on the weekend of June 18 and 19

As part of the celebrations of the European Day of Music of the Area of Culture, Tourism and Sport, Matadero Madrid will offer a weekend full of free outdoor concerts with musical proposals with a strong independent character.

The selection of artists, made by Mondo Sonoro, is based on two axes: diversity and fun. Contrasted artists such as La Casa Azul, Sexy Zebras, Soledad Vélez or the French General Elektriks, will share the stage with other more emerging artists such as La Plazuela or Riders of the Canyon in their first visit to the capital.

A great event open to the public in the city of Madrid, which will also feature two well-deserved tributes. On the one hand, the one that will take place on the first day and by various artists with Mediterranean Joan Manuel Serrat as the only protagonist and another that will review the most emblematic songs of The Beach Boys.

An event open to all audiences and ages that will invite to dance and enjoy music of the highest quality.



5:30 pm Opening
6.30 pm Gabriel Parpusa
7.00 pm Tribute to Mediterráneo (Joan Manuel Serrat)
8.00 pm Mondo Sonoro DJs
8.30 pm Sexy Zebras
9.45 pm Mondo Sonoro DJs
10.15 pm La Casa Azul
12 pm End of activity and closing


11 am Opening
12 am Tavi Gallart & Uweimar Useche
12.45 am Riders of the Canyon
2.00 pm La Plazuela
15.15 pm Lion Family Band
4.00 pm Soledad Vélez
5.15 pm Unknown Group
6.00 pm. Fillide
6.30 pm Tribute to The Beach Boys
8.00 pm Fillide
8.30 pm General Elektriks
10.00 pm End of activity and closing

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