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Del 2 al 30 de junio 2022

Día Europeo de la Música 2022

Matadero Madrid, the nerve center of the Culture Area's program of activities

Culture, Tourism and Sport Area of the Madrid City Council has prepared a program to celebrate the Día Europeo de la Música. From June 2 to 30 you can enjoy this inclusive cultural festival with renowned artists, exhibitions, films and conferences. The nerve center of the program will be in Matadero Madrid and there will also be proposals in other centers and spaces in the city.

"God only knows why I live without you". This verse from the song 'God only knows', by The Beach Boys, could be used to ask ourselves about all those moments when we let life happen without a soundtrack to accompany it. Whether that absence is felt or not, what is certain is that music enjoys an omnipresence that adheres to our way of relating to the world and to people, establishing a mantle of words with sounds that adorn both the routine and the extraordinary.

World Premiere of The National: The Light Years by MacIndoe
The Día Europeo de la Música program includes the world premiere of the photographic exhibition on the band The National. The Light Years is an unpublished exhibition signed by Scottish photographer Graham MacIndoe that reflects the more than two decades of work with the Ohio band. The Central de Diseño in Matadero Madrid will host from June 2 to 30 photographs as intimate as notorious about life on the road or on stage and all the circumstances surrounding it. One of the highlights of this exhibition will be the masterclass that MacIndoe will offer (prior registration and free of charge) on the morning of June 7 in central de Diseño.

Concerts at Matadero Square with the collaboration of MondoSonoro
On the weekend of June 18 and 19, in collaboration with the specialized publication MondoSonoro, a musical plaza will be held at Matadero Madrid to enjoy a diverse, fun and quality program. A concert agenda that will accommodate the largest possible number of styles, such as electronic pop of La Casa Azul; or the rock of Sexy Zebras; or the auteur pop of Soledad Vélez. 

Also noteworthy are the tributes to great figures of the music industry. The first will be a tribute to The Beach Boys, led by Germán Salto. The second will be to Joan Manuel Serrat and his emblematic album Mediterráneo. Two unique performances that will feature a careful selection of artists who will review some of the best songs of these two icons.

There will also be room to vindicate the new batch of supergroups such as Riders of the Canyon, led by Joana Serrat. Of course, the new values of the Madrid sound will be praised and will contribute to the dissemination of the know-how of a selection of street musicians.

Cinema, classical music and conferences
Cineteca Madrid joins the party and under the theme Musicalities will screen films that are the pure reflection of exemplary and singular existences, past times, social movements or funny (and animated) stories for children. A wide-ranging program that seeks to reflect on the musical qualities of the montage and the close link between cinema and the archive and the representation of the history of popular music.

Innovative visual proposal at MAD
At Matadero Madrid, Madrid Artes Digitales (MAD) celebrates the European Day of Music with an innovative audiovisual proposal, with music by the collective Jokkoo and immersive projections generated in real time by visual artists Jordi Massó and Marcel Bago. Jokkoo is a musical artistic collective that was born with the intention and the need to investigate and disseminate the most contemporary electronic sound and the avant-garde scene of the African continent and its diaspora. Its members, Baba Sy and MobDj, invite you to explore from urban house to gcom, kwaito or afro-disco. Jordi Massó and Marcel Bago, visual artists specialized in videomapping and real-time visuals, introduce an immersive journey creating a unique and totally new scene around the viewer. The sessions will be on June 20 and 21, from 21:00 to 00:00 h. The price is 9.90 € + booking fee. 

Past activities

18 y 19 de junio 2022

Music floods Plaza Matadero on the weekend of June 18 and 19

17 June 2022

One of the most celebrated jazz musicians visits Matadero as part of Piano City festival

17 June 2022

Piano City comes to Madrid for the first time to celebrate the European Day of Music and Matadero will host a concert by Diego Amador

17 June 2022

The festival Piano City presents pianist and composer Clara Lai in concert in Matadero

Visual Arts
7 June 2022

Masterclass con el artista

Visual Arts
From 2 to 30 June 2022

Forty B/N photographs that trace the journey of five friends from Cincinnati who one day decided they wanted to break away from the status quo: the rock band The National