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Naves Matadero
The Spanish Videodance Festival, founded in 2012, is the most important platform of support, production, training, archiving, and dissemination of audiovisual dance in Spain.
This year, in what is its 6th edition, if offers an immersive experience in the world of audiovisual dance, comprising installations, screenings and samples of international videodance freely distributed among different spaces of Naves Matadero and Cineteca Madrid.
“The idea of presenting the main action of FIVER 2018 in Naves Matadero - International Living Arts Centre comes from our having identified a need to create interactions between dance and audiovisuals in Madrid, within a broader and more international context that embraces a variety of creative formats for dance on screen and is -at the same- time a meeting point for the country’s dance on screen world”, they explain.

FIVER 2018 pays tribute to British artist Billy Cowie. A key director in the investigation and production of dance for screen using 3D tools, he will be presenting for the first time ever in Spain, a monograph featuring works on various installation media. His retrospective will be rounded off by the screening of pieces that he himself will select and present in the Sala Azcona at the Cineteca Madrid.
Other actions that will be taking place in FIVER throughout the year will be: the FIVER Videodance on-line video archive, available on its website and visited since it was created by some 300,000 users from 145 countries; cycles of dance films in cinemas and cinematheques; FIVER training programs including the academic seminars “Let´s talk about dance” or the scenic dance cycle “DanzaJoven” and the mainstay and primary objective of FIVER today, the workshops for the training of directors of videodance.
In Naves Matadero, FIVER presents audiovisual pieces in different spaces. Field by Xabier IriondoYou Will Fall Again by Alex Pachón and Shumpei Kretir by Nemoto make up the Bucl3s project (formed by these three award-winning artists in previous editions and commissioned by Samuel Retortillo, director of FIVER).

These works have been revisited to create a dialogue between them in endless loops that generate a constant and timeless discourse. Sound, or its absence, are key to entering into them.
Field nº8 (Dir. Xabier Iriondo)
With this work, carried out with Min Tanaka, they extract rich readings of the complex relationships woven by time, nature, and movement.

You will fall again (Dir. Alex Pachón)
The door is closed. There are a bunch of keys on the floor. Someone is sleeping on a wheelchair and on the roof a crack begins to edge forward. YWFA is a dark and disconcerting choreographic dialogue between a crack and the reaction of the body that we present on screen.

Kretir (Dir. Shumpei Nemoto)
It focuses on the idea that exists between simplicity and complexity. It explores how a simple movement, sound, and editing provide a different and specific idea on their own dramaturgy and how the complexity can relate to and affect it.
In memorian Núria Font Solà 
A memory in images of Ms. Font Solà who collaborated with FIVER from 2014 and who won the 2009 Generalitat de Catalonia National Dance Award. REDIV Ibero-American Videodance Selection
a choir of male voices emerges singing traditional songs that accentuate a sample of works selected by a group of international curators in March 2018

In the flesh (Dir. Billy Cowie)
I am the ground, I am the earth, I am the soil, 
and into me your coldness stole, 
till I am solid and brittle"
Wearing 3D glasses, the public is surprised to see a dancer on the ground in front of them. She is in fact a projection (a Spectrefilm). She appears to be actually in the space, solid and real; she is there, in effect, ‘in the flesh’.  But at the end of her four minute dance she fades into nothing.

Genuine fakes -with extracts from Art of Movement, Under Flat Sky, Edge of Nowhere, Cuban Tangos- (Dir. Billy Cowie)
An encounter with virtual dancers in actual size in the poetic, choreographic, and musical universe of Billy Cowie. The public uses 3D glasses and moves freely through the space.