Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation


5 artists at Atelier Solar
Del 16 de febrero de 2021 al 28 de febrero de 2021

Martes a viernes de 16:00 a 20:00 h.

Sábado y domingo  de 12:00 a 20:00 h.

Extensión AVAM

A group exhibition with works by Iñaki F. De Terán, Jenny Fermor, Kay Woo, Isabel María and Pechervsky.

Atelier Solar is a workspace for artists in Madrid which goal is the professionalization and visibility of their work. This exhibition presents works by Iñaki F. De Terán, Jenny Fermor, Kai Woo, Isabel María and Pechervsky, five of the artists currently developing their projects at our studios.

Flying over the city is a gesture of detachment, but also a calling for attention, vigilance and care. This exhibition wants to offer five different views on the urban environment and the ways of living it by citizens. The selected pieces refer to different points of view close to personal experiences in the city. Iñaki Fernández de Terán presents the gaze of a curious young woman whose thoughts and dreams seem to be projected symbolically on the tiles in the background. Kay Woo's almost abstract sculptural portraits also offer us self-absorbed forms, like dreams, thoughts that, on this occasion, are hermetic. Isabel María teaches us two daily, traditional situations, as if when looking out the window of our plane we could observe, in passing, these people in the privacy of their private patio. Instead, Jenny Fermor offers us an empty city, suburban corners, dirty and neglected, dehumanized. That same dehumanization is what Pechervsky finds in abandoned road signs, advertisements for the void, the presence of absent advertising images.

These five views over the city and its inhabitants, diverse and random, are like the looks from an airplane passing at ground level: they show us changing landscapes and anecdotal scenes