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Husos, an architects collective run between Madrid and Cali (Colombia) has been awarded a residency by El Ranchito, where they will be working on the project Productive Home Realities.
Husos, an architects collective run between Madrid and Cali (Colombia) has been awarded a residency by El Ranchito. The collective will be working on the project Productive Home Realities, which studies entrepreneurship and its potential in home environments from an urban ecological standpoint.  Husos will also be occupying one of the El Ranchito workspaces created in  Nave 16 at Matadero Madrid.    

The focus of this research are productive households: i.e. those homes dedicated to entrepreneurial and creative activities as well as domestic ones (for example: home offices, carpenter's workshops, fashion ateliers and the offering of services for sale, such as massages, product distribution- such as in the case of a small shop- and even a home garden, among many other possibilities for work being carried out from home).
These  Productive Home Realities pose questions that challenge the reality of a city and its ecosystems.  What kind of productive home realities can one find in the city?  What forms of sociability are produced within them?  What sort of production and economic models do they employ?  What is the potential for each of these realities?  What new models- not only business models but also social, political and economic models- can we find here?  Might we learn from the past, from pioneers in this area?  Are productive households catalysts for helping democratize entrepreneurship?  Or could they have this effect one day?  If so, under what conditions would this work?  Could the conditions studied in these productive houeholds potentially bring about a new model for our neighborhoods, communities- a new urban model?  Could new business models and organizational framework for productive  households lead to the building of a more democratic and inclusive city?  Could they bring about the diversification of production methods today?  In what way?

The results of this work will have an exhibition at Matadero Madrid at the end of this year.  This is a project currently in development in collaboration with El Ranchito de Matadero Madrid and curated by Iván López Munuera.

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