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Laura Ferrero and Alicia Kopf. Through the Looking Glass

Dangerous Liaisons
16 October 2021



3,5 €

Cineteca Madrid. Sala Azcona

Words are approach and possibility. But words, detours that bring us closer to that which we cannot say, are sometimes not enough. As part of Capítulo Uno, Alicia Kopf, a conceptual artist and writer, and Laura Ferrero, a writer and scriptwriter, will discuss some of the disciplines and metaphors —cartography and maps, the explorers of the poles, the formation of islands or the conquest of the moon— that form part of their respective documentation processes when it comes to addressing their topics of interest through literature: intimacy, family bonds or ecosystems.

Laura Ferrero (Barcelona, 1984) is a writer, journalist and scriptwriter. She has published the books “Empty Pools” (Alfaguara, 2016), “What Are You Going to Do with the Rest of Your Life?” (Alfaguara, 2017), “People Don’t Exist” (Alfaguara, 2021) and the illustrated album “Love After Love” (Bridge, 2018). She is currently combining her work as a scriptwriter with the writing of a new novel. She also contributes to such media as El País, Jot Down or ABC.

Alicia Kopf (Girona, 1982) is a writer and visual artist. With a degree in Fine Arts and another in Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature, she published the short stories book “Ways of (Not) Coming Home” (2011) thanks to the Girona Kreas scholarship. Her first novel, “Brother in Ice” (Alpha Decay, 2016), has won several awards including Documenta 2015, Llibreter 2016, Ojo Crítico 2016 and Cálamo “Otra Mirada 2016”, and has been translated into ten languages. In her work as a visual artist, she presented the solo exhibition “Seal Sounds Under the Floor” (2013) at the Joan Prats Gallery of Barcelona (GAC / DKV Award). She is currently working on an audiovisual research and production series entitled “Speculative Intimacy”, exhibited at the Joan Prats Gallery (2019) and Culturgest Portugal (2020-2021).

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