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Marta Sanz and Manuel Jabois I Need to Tell

Tales of the Self
16 October 2021



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Cineteca Madrid. Sala Azcona

Between the two of them, they have tens of thousands of loyal and enthusiastic readers. Each one has a unique and defining style that has nothing to do with that of the other. Their common ground is the need to tell and a desire to talk about that need.

Why do they write the books they write? How do they go about it? Can processes be shared? How do different genres mix in their writings? These are just some of the questions Marta Sanz and Manuel Jabois will reflect on so that we can get a little closer to their way of understanding literary creation.

Marta Sanz (Madrid, 1967) holds a PhD in Hispanic Studies. She has an extensive narrative, poetic and essayistic body of work, including such outstanding titles as “Daniela Astor and the Black Box” (Tigre Juan Award, Cálamo Award and Estado Crítico Award); “Show Business”, for which she received the Herralde Novel Prize; “Clavicle” (Anagrama, 2017); “Small Red Women” (Anagrama, 2020) and her latest work, “Part of Me” (Anagrama, 2021).

Manuel Jabois (Pontevedra, 1978) is a journalist and writer. He worked at Diario de Pontevedra for fifteen years. After working at El Mundo he moved to El País, where he writes chronicles, reports and columns. He has published a number of non-fiction works, including “Going to Madrid” (Pepitas de Calabaza, 2011) and “We’ll See Each Other in This Life or the Next” (Planeta, 2016). In 2019, he published the novel “Malaherba” and during 2021 he published “Miss Mars”, both with Alfaguara.

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