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Plaza Sonora 2018

Matadero Madrid celebrates San Isidro with street music
15 May 2018

Free Admission

Plaza Matadero

Artists who play their music daily on the streets share staging with famous musicians such as Muchachito, Tulsa, Muerdo, Lichis or Fernando Alfaro.

Matadero Madrid and MondoSonoro, with the support of Mahou, join in the festivities of San Isidro with over 12 hours of live music, workshops, documentaries and discussion panels, with the celebration of street music as their sole link.

The harp man, the tubular bells boy, the jazz group from el Rastro… Madrid is nothing without the artists who fill the streets up with music. On the occation of San Isidro there will be a homage to those anonimous artists who, day after day, compose the soundtrack of our lives in the city.
  The date is May 15, when Matadero opens up Sound Square, a day long of over 12 hours of music that starts at noon. This free and open air musical programme includes both street musicians and famous musicians such as Muchachito, Tulsa, Muerdo, Lichis or Fernando Alfaro, who will share the stage for a day.

There will be parallel activities throughout the day: documentaries, discussion panels, workshops and food trucks. Guacamayo DJS will bw in charge of closing upwith their tropical rythms.
Playing flamenco box drum and recording music 

There will also be a flamenco box drum workshop, Cajón por rumbas, at different times. A group activity, guided by a percussionist with a broad experience in teaching for beginners. We advise participants to bring their own instrument, because there´s only 7 available. Sign in at from April 26.
  At Sound Square there will also be la C.O.S.A. by Chico Trópico, a recording studio-caravan where everyone can record themseves. Compulsory sign-up prior to the recording event).
Stage Plaza Matadero
Young Forest
Jingle Django
Travis Birds
Fernando Alfaro
The Dawlins
La Rueda
Guacamayo DJS

Stage Entrance
Batata Galiza & Marcos Viana
Víctor Santal (arpa)
Ataca Paca
Moe el Tubero
Dúo Amati
St. Woods
Ataca Paca
  Matadero Street
Documentaries screened (Cineteca):
12-1 pm. Summer symphony: portrait of a city (with live music), by Emilio Tomé- Sala Plató
4-5.30 pm. Madrid Rap, by Gorka Abrisqueta, 2011- Sala Azcona
6-6.50 pm. Beats From Madrid, by Manuel Sánchez-Cid, 2016- Sala Azcona

Debates (Intermediae):
1-2 pm. Music in Madrid´s spots
5-6 pm. Music in the streets of Madrid
7-8 pm. Legal state of musicians

Flamenco Drum Box Rumba: An hour and a half long, at four different times 12.30-2 pm./ 2-3.30 pm. / 4.30-6 h. / 6-7.30 pm.
La C.O.S.A. by Chico Trópico:
- Group /project recordings: (2 hs)
A maximum of 8 participants, with the possibility of extending it to 10. Depending on the setup and technical requirements of participants.
We recommend participant groups to adapt to the backline offered by La C.O.S.A.
- Musicians Recordings – Jam Sessions: (2hs)
A maximum of 40 musicians. Variable depending on the jury´s decision in benefit of the variety of groups.


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