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International Contemporary Art Fair
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€10 in advance, €15 at the box office
Centro de residencias artísticas
Third edition of this international art fair aimed at enhancing the relationship between artists and the economy that surrounds the art world.
Summa Art Fair celebrates its third edition at Matadero Madrid with brand new sections and a decided interest in cultivating the creation of added value in regard to art work. Directed by Paco de Blas, Summa 2015’s priority is to serve the most professional sector of artistic creation, production and distribution, a sector driven by art galleries and collectors, but it also aspires to inspire new vocations, enticing the younger generations to create and enjoy contemporary art.   The 2015 edition presents:   The General Section, open to both national and international galleries   The Transversal Section, which includes:   “How to Collect Political Art”, curated by Peruvian artist and curator Jota Castro, which explores political content in the most contemporary creative pieces;   “Looking to the East (of Europe)”, a project by Adam Nankervis, which gives a Berlin-based perspective of the evolution of the latest art from east of the Danube;   “Current African Art”, a section that takes a look at the production of the most remarkable African artists working today;   Trazos, a section devoted to 20th-century art, which explores the links between 20th-century art and that of today. Collections are opened up, breaking boundaries of time, origin and format. The art fair meets the museum;   Madrid Foto focuses on the rise of contemporary Spanish photography, without neglecting to cover established market trends such as the documentary photography of the 1930s and 40s. Particular attention and tribute are paid to photo books, as special vehicles for dissemination which are collectable items in themselves.  


Artistic team and specifications
Paco de Blas