Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Synthetic Imaginaries

Curated by Julia Kaganskiy
Desde las 19:00 hasta 21:00 el 29/09/2023


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Synthetic Imaginaries is an exhibition cycle that looks at non-human agency across various sites and scales, exploring the way it shapes our understanding of intelligence, free will, and complex systems.

Curated by Julia Kaganskiy, the cycle is divided into four consecutive arcs. Each arc showcases the work of a distinct artist offering different perspectives on the core concept of intelligence itself, as well as the inherent social, technological, and ecological potential nestled within its reconceptualization. The inaugural arc, Microbial Cosmologies, features three audiovisual pieces—Holobiont, Milky Ways, and nimiia cétïi—by Finnish artist Jenna Sutela. These works delve into the influence of microbial cultures on cognition at various levels, from the human to the cosmic.

Synthetic Imaginaries is part of the curatorial proposal of LAB#03 Synthetic Minds from Medialab Matadero, an interdisciplinary initiative in which citizens from anywhere in the world can join a diverse group of artists, critical thinkers, and experts from various fields to collaboratively explore the role that the deliberate composition of intelligent systems will play in shaping our collective future.

The first arc of Synthetic Imaginaries, the exhibition Microbial Cosmologies, is located in the building opposite the information point at Matadero Madrid, and is open from Tuesday to Friday from 17:00 to 21:00, and Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 21:00.