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Matadero Madrid
Placita, Casa del Lector, Central de Diseño, Cineteca and Intermediae.
A totally free daylight party for children 0 to 14. Matadero Madrid starts it's tenth anniversary celebrations. 
Cumpleaños Total (Total Birthday) is a totally free daylight party for children. Matadero Madrid starts it's tenth anniversary celebrations with this party on June 18th. 


Cumpleaños Total includes the concerts of Racalmuto, 5 Cats Swinging, Les Pompettes, Club del Río and Mastretta, a tiny theatre on-wheels where the most amazing tricks will be performed by Iván Santa Cruz, awarded with the children's magic national award, detachable stories by Juan Malabar, acrobatics by Wilbur, workshops, games and a surprise party wrap up. Matadero calls all boys and girls of Madrid aged 0 to 14, and their parents, to celebrate its tenth birthday.   0-6 KIDS SPECIAL

Everyone knows it's not the same to be 3, than 4 or 14. At certain ages each year is important. That's why the  Cumpleaños Total has a special programme for ages 0 to 6, from 11 am. to 2 pm., in collaboration with La Parcería. Infancia y familia, (childhood and family) celebrating in this manner its Spring edition of La Casa Sin Puertas. Familias mutantes, cuidados y fiesta colectiva (The House Without Doors, Mutant Families, Cares and Collective Party). It is a proposal to bring families together with the aim of gradually reactivating public spaces in and near the city for children, creating and broadening upbringing networks.
  The programme of La Casa sin Puertas  also includes different performances, free play corners beside the water deposit, zancudos, a wood toy construction workshop with Pico and Pala in Calle Matadero (Matadero Street), a seed bomb workshop, face-paint and a reading corner in Intermediae, and the exhibition of micro-workshops by Madres Creadoras (Maker Mums) in Intermediae. All from 11 am. to 2 pm.   At the same hours, the exhibition El Muro de los sueños y las pesadillas (The Wall Of Dreams and Nightmares) will be open. The illustrator Aitor Saraiba, intervenes the hall of Nave 11 with a mural inspired by the dreams of children from Arganzuela. These children attend to an Immigrant Participation and Integration Centre (CEPI), the Spanish Commission for Refugee's Aid (CEAR) and the Red Cross (Cruz Roja). The installation is completed by a soundscape created by musician  Dr. Kurogo.   We will also introduce  Acomodables (Ductile) an installation by Marina Fernández  built with soft modules of simple geometric shapes that invite us to configure multiple combinations. The idea behind it is to generate different forms of encounter, intimate playful spaces that might relate to each other. A site specific  installation designed for crawling babies, children games and parents rest as a part of Matadero's birthday party.