Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Abril 2023

Carla Pereira

El vuelo del moscardón (The Flight of the Bumblebee)

El vuelo del moscardón (The Flight of the Bumblebee) it was born under the premise of presenting a character with two very different facets depending on the environment in which he moves. The action takes place in a single set located on a platform that, when rotated, shows and hides information, dosing it and playing with what the viewer can see and what not, closely linking form and content.


Carla Pereira is a stop motion artist animator, illustrator, modelmaker, director and screenwriter. She has worked as a stop motion animator in series such as Clay Kids, Konijn & Konijntje, Twirlywoos, Clangers and El diario de Bita y Cora, in shorts such as The cryptozoologist, Ouróboros and the sea and in films such as Hakkebakkeskogen, Inzomnia, Os demonios do meu avô or the nominated for an Oscar Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson. Together with Juanfran Jacinto, he has co-directed the shorts Metamorfosis (nominated for a Goya and produced by the prestigious Autour de minuit, an Oscar-winning production company) and Todo está perdido (currently on the festival circuit). Alone, he has directed the short Selection process (also nominated for the Goya Awards). Her shorts have been selected and awarded at more than 80 festivals around the world, including the Malaga Festival (where he received 2 awards), the Zagreb festival, the Berlanga Awards (receiving the award for best short) or the festival of Montreal Stop Motion (winning the award for best short). In 2020 his book "Five signs that indicate that a dog is going to die" (Marli Brosgen Publishing House) was published.

She is a beneficiary of the Animario mobility residency for animation creators at the Matadero Madrid Artistic Residency Center in collaboration with Cineteca Madrid and NEF Animation.