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Dangerous friendships
March 26

Sunday, 11:30h



Nave 17. Nave una

'The disaster' a show of poetry and electronics by OVERture

OVERture is the research area in which the poetic universe of Sara Martín and the avant-garde electronics of José Pablo Polo coexist. A kind of live sound art that questions the possible existing and non-existent relationships between language, sound, space and audience. Their show, The Disaster, is the result of six years of research into words and sound. The intention behind this event which is at one and the same time a staged concert, a performed recital and an immersive experience, is to lead the audience a step beyond your common or garden performance art piece. Using songs, texts, videos, devices, they create environments of noise and peace, in which, in their own words, “although the light is a story and the analogue is still present, we also weave a network from the virtual”.

Sara Martín (Madrid, 1983) is an actress and a writer. She has worked with such companies as Lengua Blanca, Carlos Fernández, Magrinyana, Miguel Ángel Cárcano and Los Bárbaros and has acted in such films as Emilio Martínez Lázaro’s Thirteen Roses (Las Trece Rosas) and Clara M. Lázaro’s Mirabilis, among many others. In 2019, she received the 21st Nicolás del Hierro Poetry Award for her collection of poetry entitled By the Fire Escape (Por la escalera de incendios), which was then followed by The Trifle (La Nimiedad) (Huerga y Fierro Editores, 2021). In 2021, she received the Literary Creation Grant from the Ministry of Culture and Sport for her forthcoming poetry collection, The Pelvis in Flames (La pelvis en llamas). Since 2020 she has been writing about a feminist and political vision of the maternal in the hard-copy magazine Mamagazine.

José Pablo Polo (Madrid, 1984) is a composer, sound artist and musical producer. His music has been performed on stages all over the world. As a composer, he has collaborated regularly with different stage shows such as The Marvellous Lamp (La lámpara maravillosa) (Grumelot Cia, 2020), Out of Elegant (Hung Dance-Marcat Dance, 2020), Flesh (La carne) (Paula Quintana, 2020) and A Language of Our Own (Un idioma propio) (Minke Wang - Víctor Velasco), among others. He was the artistic director of the International Meeting of Composers from 2012 to 2015 and he is currently the artistic director of the Madrid EMA (Current Music) Festival and musical producer at La Milagrosa Studio.

Main Festival Collaborator