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Anna Fux

An invitation to the visual and written archive that the young German-Asian Anna Fux is creating of her chosen family.

Another World in Madrid (Otro Mundo en Madrid) is a photobook project. It is an intimate portrait of one of the many worlds than inhabit this city. Perhaps the most easily recognisable, perhaps the one that has been rendered the most invisible. It is an invitation to the visual and written archive that the young German-Asian artist Anna Fux is creating of her chosen family, the family born of the union between racial particularity and sexual dissidence.

In this project, the photographs will be offered to celebrate the fact that the racialised is not exclusively cis-hetero and that the sex and gender dissident is not only white. A far cry from the visual safari that so many non-members of these communities have embarked on when photographing them, Fux proposes a storytelling based on the concern of someone who aspires to be more than a mere witness, that is, telling it through a language of her own and preserving the ever-alternating.

How many worlds can fit into a city?  How do young subaltern people permeate the capital of Spain? Is it possible to shape a city if there is no record of it? These are questions that the author asks herself while she portrays the discreet, vulnerable and all-too-often secret world of her friendships.

This photobook proclaims itself to be queer, not because it portrays dissident people, although it does that as well, but above all because it is inherently futuristic. This book will make physical, at the turn of each page, a new world that already exists among these bodies and affections. A world we may not have imagined, but a possible one.

Anna Fux (Nuremberg, 1995) studied law, political sciences and photography in Madrid, Sydney and New York. She currently lives and works in Madrid as a photographer and cultural critic from a queer, anti-racist and feminist perspective. In 2020 she co-founded the online Pai Pai Magazine through which she seeks to empower and raise the community awareness of the Spanish-speaking Asian diaspora.