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Élan d’Orphium

FABLES. Ways 1 and 2

Fables. Ways 1 and 2 moves from the symbolic plane through a series of inter-species relationships based on approximations of different natures, both prosthetic and functional, and proposes a set of mechanisms that allow this approximation.

Here I present two “ways” or case studies whose narrative is articulated around a drawing that generates an undulating movement. This drawing contains a moral which, given the play of personification-animalisation, will constitute the lesson of this project.

The main object of this offering is the study and production of a system of prostheses that in some way or other symbolically expand the physical limitations of the body, suggesting to that end, relations of kinship towards non-human species that allow the transfer of psychomotor capabilities, behaviours and skills through a number of exercises of observation and empathy.

This will give rise to a set of phenotypical metaphors and new interpretative uses of the body based on animalistic practices that I will group under the category of zoo morphology or animal transvestism.

Élan d’Orphium came into existence as an entity in 2018 in Madrid.

In 2015 he graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), having spent his Erasmus year in Camberwell College(UAL, London, 2014). In 2019 he received an Excellence Grant from the UCM and took a Master's Degree in Art and Creation Research (MIAC).

He participates in programmes such as the 31st Community of Madrid Plastic Arts Circuits (2021); “But, Is this Art” (Pero, ¿esto es Arte? in CA2M (2019); Encounters without Credits (Encuentros Sin Créditos) in the Sala el Águila (2018); Ordinary Sociology (Sociología Ordinaria), in Medialab Prado (2018); as an assistant in “The Death of the Clinic” (La Muerte de la Clínica) in the activity Let's Speak for our Difference (Hablamos por Nuestra Diferencia) in MNCARS (2019); Intermediae(2018-2019); AMIL Project and Matadero Residencies (Lima, 2019); “Lima is not Madrid” (Lima no es Madrid) in Espacio Espositivo (2019); SALMON FESTIVAL together with Las Bajas Pasiones (Barcelona, 2020); What Returns is a Butterfly (Lo que Vuelve es Mariposa( in the Aldama Fabre Gallery (2019); Transfeminist Seminars of Karabanchel (2019) and Trans-queer-dyke Seminars (2008/19)

He danced in QUEER FURY (FURIA QUEER) (2019); La Roboterie (Rome, 2019); STARDVST (2019) and Minitel (2019).